Weekly Prayer for the Nations
Sept 23, 2018

Pray this week for Nicaragua – a nation state continuing to emerge from a history of colonization, dictatorship and Marxist-US conflict that produced economic and political collapse. Population: 7 million.  Nicaragua’s relatively low population and rich resources, if managed well, provide a foundation for social and economic stability. Prayer Concerns:

  • The present government of Daniel Ortega is facing unrest and violence as the former Marxist leader continues to change the constitution to maintain his personal power. Hundreds have died, and church leaders are facing threats & beatings as they stand in the gap. Pray for political solutions that bring peace to a country needing strong moral leadership.
  • God has used decades of pain to turn a nation to Himself. Evangelicals now comprise over 30% of the population, and Christian leaders are emerging in government. Pray for humble, strong & Spirit-led leaders for both churches & government.
  • Poverty remains a national issue, and churches are deeply involved in ministering to these needs. Pray for the gospel to be practically poured out to the destitute, especially those who are landless and have no means to feed their families.
Sept 16, 2018
Pray this week for Mali – a once proud West African Empire (13th Century) and former French Colony, that is now an independent nation torn apart by war and political strife. Population: 17 million.  Mali straddles the Saharan Desert to the north, and the lush Niger River to the south.  Relatively peaceful following independence, Mali was plunged into a civil war in 2013 rife with Islamic extremism and child-soldiering.
Prayer Concerns:
  • Canada has deployed peacekeeping forces to Mali – now called the most dangerous place in Africa. In this theatre of operations, our troops face the probability of encountering child-soldiers, which can lead to severe psychological trauma.  Pray for our Canadian personnel – that they will operate wisely in a theatre of operations filled with potential disaster.
  • The Church of Mali is struggling to live faithfully amid war and Islamic extremism. Pray for our brothers and sisters there – that they might be directed by the Holy Spirit in how to follow Jesus in such difficult conditions.
  • Pray for peace.
Sept 9, 2018
Pray this week for Liberia – Black Africa’s first nation state, created as a colony for freed slaves, and recently Africa’s most broken nation through Charles Taylor’s failed leadership that led to civil war and brokenness on a national scale. Population 5 million. After enduring 15 years of civil war, peaceful elections came to Liberia in 2005.  However, the massive death, destruction and displacement of almost everyone has left a deeply wounded nation in need of reconciliation and renewal.
Prayer Concerns:
  • Young people. Half of Liberia’s population are under 15 years. Over 50,000 child soldiers were killed in the war; most young women were raped and many of their children have no father. Pray for healing from killing, death, sexual abuse, abandonment and no role models to follow.
  • The Church. Pray for a regaining of spiritual power and purity in the churches of Liberia – for reconciliation and the gospel’s healing power within the lives of millions who have been broken.
  • Leadership.  Godly leaders are needed in the church, in government and in the home.