Weekly Prayer for the Nations
Nov 18, 2018

Pray this week for the Republic of Uganda— a Central African nation that gained independence from Britain with great promise in 1962, but subsequently descended into war & dictatorship that claimed perhaps 2 million lives by 1986. Population:  45 million.  Uganda’s struggle with self-governance has stabilized since Ida Amin’s brutality, but neighbouring wars in Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan and the DRC have created ongoing unrest and poverty.  The average Ugandan earns just over $1.50 CDN per day. Prayer Concerns: Religion is freely practiced in Uganda, and Christianity is exploding in the midst of all that is happening. Pray for the gospel that is transforming Uganda to reach deeply into the neighbouring nations with God’s powerful love.

  • As with many nations God is touching, trained Christian leaders are needed in church, government, education and industry.
  • AIDS has ravaged Uganda, and millions of children have grown up without parents. Pray for the millions of young people who need mentoring and care.  50% of Ugandans are under 15 yrs of age.
Nov 11, 2018
PRAYER FOR OUR CHURCH FAMILY Lord, we praise You for this day; for the purpose You give our lives daily and ask for Your wisdom and guidance in all that we do. You meet us right where we are.  You know all of our needs and are trustworthy in all Your promises, faithful in all You do.
Heavenly Father, today we lift up our church family to You. Lord, You know us individually and  the struggles we are having specifically with ill health of all kinds.  You know our pain and the healing our bodies need.  Lord, fill us afresh with Your Spirit and heal our diseases.  If it is Your will, make us whole again.
Lord, we ask for courage and strength for those struggling with broken relationships.  We call on You for help in providing clarity, forgiveness and grace on those suffering.  We ask that You heal wounds that have been festering in families for generations.
Lord, we pray for those who are grieving the loss of loved ones. Lord, we ask that we would love Your laws and not depart from them, knowing they are written for our good.  Help us to meditate on Your Word daily and desire to do everything written in it.  May we be pleasing in Your sight.
We trust You Lord, as our Rock and Redeemer.  In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.
Nov 4, 2018
Prayer for the Nations — This week we are praying not for a single nation, but for all the nations – for the conflict that exists within every nation and between many nations. Population of our world: approaching 8 billion. It is estimated that through improved medical care and education, more people are sharing the earth now than at any other time. This has created deep environmental and political issues that affect all of us, while also providing an unprecedented opportunity to share Jesus with more people than ever befor
Prayer Concerns:
  • Pray for the nations of our world; Pray for a different Continent every day this week, and the nations that are within the Continent. Begin by asking God for discernment as you pray for them.
  • Pray for the conflicts between the nations in the region you are praying for. Pray for the innocent to be protected, and for the leaders to seek peace between one another. Pray for the churches of these Continents. Pray that our brothers and sisters live out the gospel faithfully. Pray that they have the leadership and resources necessary to proclaim Christ effectively. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s power in all us who serve Jesus.
Oct 28, 2018

Pray this week for the United Kingdom –  a nation that has had untold effect upon the rest of the world politically, culturally, economically and spiritually. Population: 65 million.  The worlds first industrialized nation, Britain at the height of it’s political power controlled one-fourth of the world, and has spawned 60 independent states, including Canada.  It remains today a very influential nation in the world. Prayer Concerns:

  • Britain powered the modern missionary movement – Wycliffe, Tyndale, Carey, Taylor and others are household names throughout the Christian world. Although very secular, Britain still blesses the world through Alpha, 24/7 prayer, and theologians (Wright, Stott, Packer, Green, Marshall).  Pray that Britain will continue to produce world Christians, who take the gospel to the nations.
  • Mass immigration and secularism has challenged Christianity in the U.K. and marginalized the church within British society. Pray for revival to stir the people of Britain.
  • Young people in the UK lead Europe in sexual activity, STDs, abortion, drug & alcohol abuse, violent crime and dropping out of school. Pray for the youth of Britain – that they will find purpose for life in Jesus Christ, and that congregations will be prepared to disciple them.
Oct 21, 2018
Pray this week for Tajikistan – a former Soviet state, and the poorest of all those in Central Asia, with average workers earning about $2.50 Canadian per day.
Population: 8.5 million. The Soviet collapse plunged Tajikistan into civil war among tribal leaders and drug-lords. Secular national forces prevailed, but tight restrictions remain on religious freedom due to fear of Islamic extremism from neighbouring Afghanistan and Iran.

Prayer Concerns:

  • Christians are few in Tajikistan. Soviet rule denied the existence of God, and civil war drove out many who remained faithful. However, the gospel is reaching young Tajikis, who are asking for prayer to share Jesus boldly to their Muslim neighbours & families.
  • Though Islam dominates, most Tajikis are nominal in belief and practice, which provides an open door for Christ to be proclaimed. Pray that Jesus might be shared with power & grace.
  • Tajikistan is a very mountainous region, and the mountain people of the Pamir mountains have never been reached with the gospel.  Pray that Christians will bring the gospel to these people.
Oct 14, 2018
Pray this week for Saudi Arabia – a semi-feudal Islamic state tightly controlled by a large royal family, committed to keeping custody of Islam’s holiest sites, including Mecca & Medina. Saudis enjoy a high standard of living from the kingdom’s vast oil reserves. Population: 31 million. Religion is carefully controlled, those from other faiths may not practice openly nor meet privately. The kingdom’s vast wealth is used to export Islam globally, and some of it radically.

Prayer Concerns:

  • Saudi Arabia is the birthplace and stronghold of radical Islam. While denying religious freedom within the kingdom, the Muslim World League (missionary arm) demands freedom of Islam in all other nations. Pray that Christ will make Himself known in SA, and that it will transform Islam.
  • SA is faces great stress from it’s young people, demanding greater freedom and human rights. The recent backlash against Canada and death of journalist Kamal Khashoggi are examples of the internal stress. Pray that greater freedom will bring opportunities for the gospel to be openly declared.
  • Saudis are coming to faith through visions of Jesus they experience. However, those converting face the death penalty if discovered, and executions are known to occur.  Pray for believers to persevere and even multiply, and that Bibles will find their way to them.
Oct 7, 2018
Pray this week for Rwanda – a fertile, mountainous country in Central Africa, that is continuing to recover from horrific genocide between Tutsi and Hutu tribes in the 1990s. Population: 13 million. Rwanda abolished ethnicity as a means of identification following the ‘94-’95 genocide, where over 800,000 mainly Tutsi people where killed by Hutu extremists.  Gov. policy requires that all people are now identified as Rwandan.
Prayer Concerns: 
  • Continued healing from the national genocide is needed. That both Tutsi and Hutu identified as Christian is deeply troubling, but out of this horror, evangelical Christians have emerged in great numbers, and are found leading government, education, health-care and nation-building. Pray for strong leadership guided by the gospel of reconciliation, peace and justice. Less than 10% of evangelical pastors have formal training & long for greater skill in preaching, leading and coping with rebuilding their nation. Pray that encouragement & education will be provided.
  • Young people were deeply scarred by the national genocide, and these children are now adults who must build a nation that will never again descend into such evil. Pray for these young adults, who are leading the nation into new territory, without mentoring from their parentsThe Church of Mali is struggling to live faithfully amid war and Islamic extremism. Pray for our brothers and sisters there – that they might be directed by the Holy Spirit in how to follow Jesus in such difficult conditions.
  • Pray for peace.