Weekly Prayer for the Nations
February 11:

Pray this week for France, a nation with a long history of political influence in French-speaking nations in the developing world:

Population: 65 million. The sixth largest economy in the world, a socialist-style democracy with a history of leadership across the globe. As France goes, so does most of the French-speaking world.

Prayer Concerns:

  • France has accepted millions of Francophone immigrants in the past 60 years, but they have not been welcomed and incorporated into the national culture. This has led to deep anger and resentment, spawning violence and creating breading grounds for terrorist groups. Pray that France’s immigrant population will have opportunities for a better life.
  • France’s spiritual culture is humanistic at best, and borders on atheism. Most people are ignorant to and indifferent about the gospel and less than 10% of the population own a Bible. Pray that the gospel will penetrate this great nation again.
  • Though Evangelicals comprise 1% of the population, they are young, vibrant in their faith and are sharing the gospel with joy. Pray that those who truly love Jesus will successfully and relevantly share their faith. Pray for the Alpha Course, that has been highly effective with former French Catholics, and with young people who are looking for life’s meaning.