Weekly Prayer for the Nations

April 15, 2018

Pray this week for Oman – a small mountainous sultanate (kingdom) off the southeast coast of Saudi Arabia, rich in oil wealth.

Population: 3.5 million.  A benevolent monarchy today, Oman allows a high degree of personal freedom and political stability. Islam is the state religion, and though Christianity is permitted, sharing the gospel is forbidden.

Prayer Concerns:

  • Oman is home to thousands of expats from foreign lands, and the gospel has taken root in this nation through them. Filipino expats are especially effective in sharing their faith.  Pray that the gospel might take root through the 80,000 Christians living in Oman.
  • The good news of Jesus is readily available through radio and the internet and though proselytizing is forbidden,
    reading and hearing about Jesus through media is not.
    Pray that the internet and social media will effectively reach those in Oman and throughout the Persian Gulf nations.
  • Pray, too, that the immorality found on the internet coming from “Christian nations” will not soil the gospel in the hearts
    and minds of Muslim Omanites.

April 8, 2018

Pray this week for Nigeria – a nation with significant influence both politically and spiritually within the continent of Africa.
Population: 190 million.  A former British colony, Nigeria gained independence in 1960, and has struggled to gain democracy within a split Muslim and Christian population.  Muslim military dictatorship was replaced with free democracy and a Christian president in 1999.  However, Sharia law defies government law in the northern states today. Prayer Concerns:

  • Nigeria has vast wealth, but massive corruption, recently siphoning over 400 billion (US) into the hands of a few,
    leaving the average Nigerian living in deep poverty.
    Pray that a new generation of Nigerian leaders – mostly Christian – will end the corruption.
  • Nigeria is a powerful Christian nation in Africa with almost half of the people (90 million) evangelical/charismatic. Pray that God will continue to draw millions to Himself, and that leaders will be trained, equipped and sent out in Jesus’ name.
  • Muslim persecution in northern Nigeria is significant.
    Sharia law is causing human rights abuses, with Christians especially targeted.  Many pastors have been killed and thousands of churches burned.  Pray for the Christians of northern Nigeria – that they will hold fast and respond
    graciously and courageously. 

April 1, 2018

Pray this week for Mexico – an emerging Latin American nation, with great potential and persistent issues that hold the nation back spiritually and economically. Population: 120 million. Mexico enjoys greater political freedom than ever before and a growing spiritual vitality as it emerges from 300 years of oppressive Catholic monopoly.
  • The gospel of Christ continues to find fertile soil in the lives of the Mexican people. Evangelicals comprise almost 10%
    of the population and this number is climbing. Pray that the
    revolution of Jesus will replace the lifeless religion that many take as Christianity.
  • Mexico faces significant socio-economic challenges: the gap
    between rich and poor is widening with 60% still living in poverty; the drug trade has led to large parts of north and south Mexico being under the virtual control of ruthless
    cartels; the nation’s relationship with the United States is stressed, especially in light of present NAFTA negotiations. Pray for these issues – each of which has the capability to hold back what God wants for this country.
  • Pray for unity in the churches and especially that evangelical and charismatic-pentecostal believers will work together in bringing the gospel to their communities. Most Christ followers are among the poor. Pray that God will generously equip His people with all they need to live powerfully for Jesus.