Even with some things reopening and smaller groups being allowed to meet, much of church is still online. We have a number of offerings right now to keep you plugged in, you can view the various options available below. From youth to adult, there are options!
Be sure to keep up with everything by taking in The Daily, our weekday devotional, prayer and updates video. Each morning the video is available at 6am on The Daily Page.
Thank you for being an active part of the New Life Church family!


Alpha Online

Weekly at 7-8:30pm
Alpha creates a virtual space where people are excited to bring their friends for a conversation about faith, life and God. It’s also for believers no matter what life stage and where you are in your faith journey.
Each session allows anyone to explore life, faith and God in a friendly, open and informal virtual environment. In each session there is a quick large group connection time, followed by a film and small group discussion in ZOOM breakout rooms with a New Life host.


Women’s Online Coffee Connection

Starts weekly at 1pm
Have your coffee (or tea!) ready and join with other women from our New Life family as we casually connect via Zoom. Gretta Kennedy hosts and shares some topics of discussion. This is a great time to meet with others virtually in a low-key way to help us all feel more connected and less isolated! 

Pre-Teens (Gr. 5-7)

Starts weekly at 7pm
Our regular group gatherings are moving online! Join us as we meet for some fun, games, discussion and more!  We’ll meet via Zoom. 


Advance – Family & Youth

Every few weeks at 8pm

Family • Parents • Marriage • Relationships

As part of New Life Online we are launching “Advance”. Join us virtually online using the Zoom platform and engage in webinars with guest speakers along with New Life hosts. There will also be opportunities to ask questions and engage virtually with these experts who specialize on challenging topics such as mental health, wise parenting in a digital world, the threat of pornography, thriving in your marriage and family in the age of coronavirus, and lots more.


Youth (Gr. 8-12)

Starts weekly at 7pm 
Our regular group gatherings are moving online! Join us as we meet for some fun, games, discussion and more!  We’ll meet via Zoom. 


Online Prayer Group

Starts weekly at 8pm

Everyone is invited to participate in virtual online prayer together Sundays at 8:00 pm.  Pastor Ken & Kimberley and Steve & Gillian Fowler will host the gathering, leading in the larger prayer concerns of our day before sending everyone off into clusters of 3-4 for more personal prayer.

Enabled by our Zoom platform, it’s as easy as logging on and being led by our hosts for 10-15 minutes before clustering with a few others and signing off when you are done. 

There is so much to pray about … Let’s enjoy the habit of prayer together.



Watoto Online Concert

Replays now available
We’d originally planned to host a live and in-person Watoto concert, but with COVID-19, plans had to change! We hosted it as a live, interactive, online event on June 25 and now replays of the event are available here on our website or on our YouTube Channel.

Personal Bible Study Master Class

Studies across denominational lines consistently show one crucially important factor for in spiritual maturity: personal time in the word. One of the benefits of this new reality is that many of us have more time. What are we filling that time with? We invite you to take the opportunity and spend some time with these video guides to coach you in personal Bible Study. It will not look like a typical Bible study but rather a guided process where you’ll be listening to God’s voice for yourselves. Utilize the videos at your own pace, daily, weekly or whatever works for you, as we seek an encounter with God through his Word.
Be sure to find a quiet space and we’ll spend time together with the Lord as he speaks to us through 1 John.
Groups at New Life Church

Various Dates & Times

During this season many of our groups have successfully transitioned their group connection times to online gatherings using the Zoom video platform. Many positive innovations are taking place by our group leaders as we all keep adapting and leaning into community. If you’d like to inquire about joining an existing group please check out our groups page. Group life is very much an important and critical part of New Life Online and we encourage all to keep moving ahead with virtual group meetings.