Needs & Extras

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to COVID-19 all pick ups and deliveries will be temporarily suspended. Once services recommence we will be sure to update our website. During this time if there are ways that you can help or receive help.  Our Helping Hands 2020 Initiative has ways you can help or let us know you need help.  Fill out the form here if you would like to help.  Fill out the form here if you NEED help.
Overview of Ministry
To match people with practical needs to people who have extra goods to offer to  the church and wider community.  We hope also to encourage recycling. All this is done in Jesus’ name and for His glory.
The Needs Ministry
If you have a need for an item or piece of furniture, you can submit a request on-line which someone else will fulfill.  Items donated to the needs ministry are not meant for re-sale.  While needs might normally be considered for those in financial hardship, we also want people to consider going the “used” route, rather than buying new just because they can.   The Extras Ministry
All extra items donated are not for re-sale.  Items needed are furniture, appliances, household items, etc.  Used vehicles are gratefully accepted as well.  Items should be clean and in good condition.



If you have a Need or Extra item (bed, appliances, furniture, car, etc.) please fill out the form below.
Note: These are free items and there will  be no money, fees, bartering or favors required. There are also no warranties, guarantees, or liabilities expressed or implied.  Items offered should be clean, in good working order, unless otherwise described below.