In November 2016 we initiated a 10 year partnership with Food for the Hungry (FH) and the village of Acul, Guatemala. Our partnership will help the people of Acul achieve their community development goals.
1. Develop a sustainable source of clean and safe drinking water.
2. Establish a health care facility within the town.
3. Expand their school so that a greater percentage of children will receive an education.
 Along with these specific development goals we will be partnering with FH in their work in the village to end chronic malnutrition and crippling material poverty. Our partnership is driven by child sponsorship and we have a goal to sponsor as many children in the community as possible through our New Life family; we’ve already surpassed our goal of reaching 125! We look forward to striving further. 
Just this March a team from New Life went to Acul for our fourth trip to the community.  Many of the team were able to meet with their sponsor children, they spent much time with the children at one of the schools in the community running a VBS, and they were able to connect with many others in the community in many ways.  They helped in some community gardens, met with women in their savings and credit groups, and other meetings in the community as well. Such a joy to be on the ground,  getting to see the face of the community in person. 
Safe to say  for this trip and each one before it, even with all of the amazing ways they were able to reach out to the community while there – the teams  come back feeling as though the community made more of an impact on them with the lasting change in their hearts from the experience.  One of our pastors, Andrew MacDonald, has been on a couple of the trips and had this to say about the experience:
“As a sponsor partner I had the opportunity to see the needs and the opportunities first hand. It was incredible to meet the little girl whose picture is on our fridge. We met her family and saw what daily life looks like for the children of Acul. It brought me great hope that with some education, some support, and the success of the community development plan that we can help the people of Acul live full lives thriving in their culture in health and security.”
Pastor Andrew MacDonald
In addition to  child sponsorship and the  trips to the community another way that we contribute to the community is through  the coffee sold at the church. We source the beans from Guatemala, many right from  Acul or the nearby Nebaj region, and all the proceeds from  bean or coffee bar sales go back into the community. We have already raised over $1,800 that is going towards an Awana children’s program in the Acul community.
If you would like to sponsor a child please come in to the church office. For more info about child sponsorship through FH Canada   click here.
New Life Church Acul Trip 2019
New Life Church Acul Trip 2019
New Life Church Acul Trip 2019

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