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Hello KidZone Families!
This month our theme is Humility and learning how to put others first. The linked video is a portion of a song my kids love. We have the album (Slugs and Bugs) and it is a great way for kids to memorize scripture! The KidZone kids have sung other songs from this artist such as “Two Shirts” and the beloved “10 Commandments”. This song happens to be our theme verse for the month so take a listen and you might even find yourself singing it throughout the day. Watch the video for the song here.
While services are suspended, my desire is that you are able to sit together as a family and read the weekly Bible story, review the bottom lines, and learn the monthly verses. Each week there will be a video, suggested conversations/activities, and the Parent Cue that you can work through at your leisure. In addition to these lessons from Orange, you can find ongoing challenges (like memory verse charts), links to applicable blogs and apps, and ideas for home activities with little ones. Take a scroll through and enjoy some intentional time together learning more about God’s love for us! 
As always, if you have any concerns, questions, or just want to touch base, please do not hesitate to contact me!


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Director of KidZone in the House
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April Theme and Bible Verse


Ongoing Challenges & Activities

For those still wanting to learn some additional verses here are some great charts to chip away at! Parents, please limit your “helps” to 2 or less before signing off on verses. When we come back together again I can add these as points to your child’s verse card!

Orange Blog

Orange is the resource where we get much of our regular content from, and they have a fantastic blog available with great information. Check out the Orange Blog here

Another Great Resource: The Bible App for Kids!


For those of you with young children needing some ideas: