KidZone Activities: Easter, Passion Week



One tradition that New Life has done in past years is “resurrection eggs” – this is where for 12 days you have a set of plastic eggs filled with reminder items that walk you through the resurrection story one day, and one egg at a time. Well, during this time of self-isolation we can’t share the carton of eggs with you, but we can share the information with you to do on your own from home. Why not treat it like a scavenger hunt? Get the kids to help find items that represent the object of the day. Don’t have an item? Draw it on a piece of paper or print off a picture from online. Have fun with it – and feel free to share stories of the journey with us!  This year the dates line us starting April 1 and continue until April 12. Don’t worry if you’re starting off a bit late or miss a day, you can jump in where you’re at, catch up if you want or just join in on the appropriate day. Enjoy the journey to the cross and resurrection from a new perspective!


Chocolate Haystack Cookies – Form these into a nest, fill with some “robin’s egg” candies and you have a delicious Easter bird’s nest treat!