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Groups @ New Life

Launching into 2020 we have a wide array of diverse group options for you no matter what life stage you are in or where you are in your faith journey. Groups are a place where you can experience life transformation communities and life-giving environments.

Connect Sunday

Our first Connect Sunday was on Sunday, January 26 and we’re so thrilled how well it went and the excitement and buzz we had in the room!  Thank you to all who helped it happen and were a part of it.  We’re planning on having about 3 Connect Sundays each year, so do stay tuned for the next Connect Sunday.
The goal of Connect Sunday is to showcase all the new group opportunities as well as existing groups that have room for a few more people. Connect Sunday is all about finding a group that’s right for you and considering plugging into one of our smaller group environments. Many Group leaders are available to chat to, we have informative displays up – it’s a great morning!

Interested in Leading, Hosting or Starting a Group?

Groups are one of the best places to experience life transformation and build relationships with others at New Life. Groups are not limited to just meeting in a home – if you have a passion for a hobby or activity and looking for others to join then that could be a group too. Groups are all about sharing life together as we journey together as a community. Connect with Pastor Jay right away.

Find A Group That’s Right For You And Sign Up Today

We have groups for men and women, young and old, married and single and various interest groups too.  If you have a specific group that you’re interested in joining you can share that with us using the form below, or let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll help you find the group for you!



Groups Currently Available at New Life

Looking for a group? Review the different categories below and see if what you’re looking for is represented. If what you’re looking for isn’t below let us know on the Groups Form – we may have a group working on starting up or perhaps hasn’t made it to the online list yet that is the right fit for you.
Click title images for more details about groups of that type

West Duncan
North Cowichan
Mill Bay

Power in Faith – Women’s Bible Study
Bible Study for Women of All Ages & Stages
Women’s Coffee Connections

Needs & Extras Team
New Life Serve Team
New Life Host Team

Young Marrieds & Engaged
Family Focused
Families with Teens or Pre-Teens

20’s & 30’s
Young Adults Women’s Group
HalfTimers (45-60ish)
PrimeTimers (60+ approx.)

Hiking & Recreation Group
Women’s Health Shift Support Group
Arts & Painting Group

Authentic Manhood Group
Men’s Coffee – “Boys in the Book”
Mid-Week Men’s Breakfast Group
Men’s Lunch Connection Group
Men’s Prayer Group

Freedom Session
The Book of James Study
Discipleship Group

Family FX Group
Marriage & Family Strengthening
Father & Daughter (Grade 8-12)
Parent & Child (Grade 5-9)