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Recreation, Health & the Arts Groups


Hiking & Recreation Group | Requirement: Active Lifestyle

Dates, Times & Locations: Various

*NEW* We are a group of day hikers with 10-12 separate day hikes planned for 2020. If you like hiking and would enjoy some fellowship with others at the same time as you explore this gorgeous island, then this group is for you. We will also be looking for other Vancouver Island recreation opportunities. Occasionally we will get together before or after our recreation time for a bite to eat or a coffee. Prior to each trip the details will be posted for the ease of everyone’s viewing and planning.


Women’s Health Shift Support Group

Every other Thursday | Time: 10:30am | Location: New Life Church

Ongoing group, but always happy to have new faces join us! For women looking for a lasting health shift for their life – no more diets or temporary fixes.  If you feel like you’ve tried everything and still have trouble being happy with who you see in the mirror and who God made you, we want to help.  Our goal is to support each other as we journey to a healthy relationship with food and ourselves.  Applying practices that shift how you approach eating both in what you eat, how you eat and weaving in Biblical truths and disciplines in support.  Please note: this is a support group, those attending are not medical professionals but want to help based on experience and knowledge. Childcare: None


Arts & Painting Group | No prior experience necessary

Dates: Thursdays | Time: 3pm-5pm | Location: New Life Church
*NEW* Current Session Full, accepting names for future sessions. If you relax and recharge through creative pursuits and would like to explore painting with acrylics, this may be the group for you. We will cover introductory composition, basic colour theory, mixing colours, and the steps to completing a painting. We look forward to making new friends and having warm, supportive conversation centered on our faith journeys and life in general.  Note: Cost for materials up to $150 if you do not have paints, brushes or cavasses. Childcare: None


Dates & Times: Various, TBD | Location: Baker Residence

*NEW* This is a homesteading group for anyone that’s interested in bonding over dirt digging, chicken chasing and home-made pies. We will be looking at gardens, fruit trees, canning, farm animals, making things in the same way as the homesteaders did and learning about God’s design along the way. Each season yields its own adventures. No experience necessary. In fact, if you have a homesteading skill you’d like to teach others we’d love to know more.