Connect @ New Life

Here at New Life we would love to connect with you as we seek to grow together in our faith. The following are opportunities available to help you further engage in community and in spiritual growth.
Newcomers at New Life Church
Newcomers at New Life Church
Are you new to New Life Church and wondering how to connect within our church family? We want to help you out!  If you fill out our welcome form we will connect you with the right people to help you feel at home here too.
the Build - New Life Church
The Build
This is an opportunity to gather as a church and focus on growing together. We plan to hold a Build evening every 6-8 weeks as we track together as a church. Dinner is by donation and childcare is available. The next build will be on December 3rd. Register online today.
Groups at New Life Church
Groups at New Life

Groups are a more intimate way of getting to know one-another and experiencing Christianity together. Some groups love to do bible studies, community projects together, help a family in distress, or gather together to help with a special event at Church. The main purpose is to do something bigger than yourself and grow in your spiritual journey. Today we have many Groups meeting in various settings around the Valley. Each one has it’s own style and ethos. Some groups have their children join them, some are empty-nesters and some meet weekly or every other week.

If you aren’t already in a Life Group but would like to be or would like more information we encourage you to visit the Groups page of our website contact Pastor Jay at: