Connect @ New Life

Here at New Life we would love to connect with you as we seek to grow together in our faith. The following are opportunities available to help you further engage in community and in spiritual growth.
the Build - New Life Church
The Build
This is an opportunity to gather as a church and focus on growing together. We plan to hold a Build evening every 6-8 weeks as we track together as a church. Dinner is by donation and childcare is available. The next build will be announced in a few weeks, and will be here at New Life. See you there! Register online today.
Authentic Living Registration
Authentic Living – A Ministry of Freedom Session
Authentic Living is a 8 week course about getting real with God, yourself and others.
Designed to teach people how to develop an authentic character through teachings, discussions and “training exercises” that will help produce an authentic life.
It’s not a journey for cowards or those who wish to blame others for their attitudes or circumstances in life. It’s not a quick fix. It’s for people who want to get real, who are tired of shallow Christianity and surface relationships; who are thirsty for the abundant life Jesus offered.
Preference will be given to Freedom Session graduates. If you are interested in taking Authentic Living but have not taken Freedom Session please speak to Marita Rosenlind, Care Ministry, to see if this can be a match for you.  Should you have any questions if this course is suitable for you please contact Marita at 250-748-6521.  Click here to register.
Life Groups

A Life Group is a gathering of 8 to 12 people in a home setting where we gather, study the Bible, fellowship and pray. It provides a more intimate way of getting to know one-another and experiencing Christianity together. Some groups love to do community projects together, help a family in distress, or gather together to help with a special event at Church. The main purpose is to do something bigger than yourself and grow in your spiritual journey. Today we have many “Life Groups” meeting in various settings around the Valley. Each one has it’s own style and ethos. Some groups have their children join them, some are empty-nesters and some meet weekly or every other week.

If you aren’t already in a Life Group but would like to be or would like more information we encourage you to contact Pastor Andrew at: