April 8 2020

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April 7 2020

Nashville Choir Video Link


Email Your Video Phrase or Answers

April 6 2020

Be Part of Our Easter Sunday Video

Record a video of yourself or your family and send it to nldaily@newlifechurch.ca.  What you can share with us:
  1. You and/or your family sharing our regular Easter Sunday morning phrase: “He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!”
  2. Your answer to one of the following questions:
      1. With the recent COVID measures, what freedoms are you missing?
      2. What are you excited to do again when the measures are lifted?  What are some of the ways you’ll celebrate your “freedom”?
      3. How do the resurrection promises of the Bible affect your view of the future?
We look forward to sharing this special Easter Sunday Edition of The New Life Daily with you all!

April 3 2020

Download the Blank “Home” to Fill With Your Words


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Share Your “He is Risen, He is Risen Indeed!” Video With Us!

Email it to nldaily@newlifechurch.ca

April 2 2020

Having Trouble Accessing Zoom for Group Meetings?

April 1 2020

In Christ Alone – Kristin Stanfill:


In Christ Alone – Travis Cotrell:

March 31 2020

March 30 2020

March 27 2020

Video Link to “Whom Shall I Fear”, by Chris Tomlin:


Video Link to “I Speak Jesus”:

March 26 2020