Care Ministry

The New Life Care Ministry is comprised of more than 35 members who serve the spiritual and physical needs of the congregation. This team makes a significant contribution in the lives of those impacted by illness, death, crisis, mental health issues & financial struggles.
The Care Ministry team walks alongside and guides people through difficult periods by providing special support through various programs.
Please email Marita Rosenlind (Care Ministry Coordinator) if you or anyone you know is in need of help:
This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.”   John 15:3

Senior Worship Ministry

This is a ministry less noticed because it occurs off premises.  New Life Church provides 2 teams of people who regularly attend Cairnsmore and Sunridge Assisted Care facilities.
Often people with dementia are unable to recognize their spouses or children but can still sing a hymn.  We have on numerous occasions witnessed tears rolling down cheeks in remembrance of emotions long forgotten resurfacing during a hymn – proving God is forever the same, today and tomorrow in the recesses of our hearts.
We are always seeking volunteers to help with this ministry to go with the team members already in place.  This is a small commitment of time, only 1 ½ hours every 2 months.  Please call the church office or speak with me if you can help.  Children and pets are welcome at Cairnsmore Place.

Authentic Living Program

The Authentic Living program is a follow up program to the Freedom Session program that we completed in the Spring.  The program is 8 weeks long and we’re part way through.
Participants have been equipped with tools to utilize in the private devotional time with God, healthy conversations with others, creating and carrying out an Authentic Life Plan, and so much more.
Authentic Living is a fantastic program to grow personally, spiritually and we are so fortunate to be able to offer it here at New Life Church.
Freedom Session & Authentic Living Future Sessions
The Freedom Session and Authentic Living Programs have been such a blessing to many in our New Life Church family and some from the community as well, that we do plan to offer it again soon.  Tentative plans at this point are to offer the program again after Christmastime.  If you’re interested in participating in the future please contact Marita: